5 Procedures Used by a Cosmetic Dentist

There are a few types of dentist whom you can visit when you need oral hygiene or care. The general dentist is the one who you will see most often because he ensures the teeth and mouth are in good health. The cosmetic dentist chicago il ensures the appearance of your mouth is in tip-top condition. The cosmetic dentist can perform a variety of procedures that make it easier for you to smile with confidence. This includes the five listed below.

One: Teeth Whitening

Not to be confused with teeth cleaning, a teeth whitening procedure uses dental bleaching to get the teeth three to four shades whiter in just one visit. The procedure removes stains from coffee, cola, etc.

Two: Dentures

When your real teeth are removed due to cavities or other oral health problems, don’t go around without a beautiful smile. A cosmetic dentist can help you attain dentures to replace your real teeth. It will feel so great to have a mouthful of teeth and ability to smile again.

Three: Dental Veneers

Veneers help straighten crooked and misaligned teeth. They’re popular with teenagers, but used in adult’s mouths in many situations. Also known as braces, dental veneers are nothing like those you remember growing up. Talk to your dentist to learn more.

Four: Dental Implants

A great alternative to dentures, dental implants look and feel more like real teeth and can replace one or more missing teeth from your mouth. Dental implants are more expensive than dentures, but can last a lifetime when cared for properly.

Five: Root Canal

Those two words are not enjoyed by anyone, but if you need to have one done to save a tooth or your smile, it is the cosmetic dentist whom you will visit to have the procedure performed.